2021’s Best Aftermarket Car Alarm to Protect Your Vehicle Leave a comment

Avital’s 5305L car alarm system has all the recommended security like shock sensors and panic mode, as well as flashing lights, a blaring 120-decibel siren, and a kill switch that protects against carjacking

Unlike lower-end Avital models, this car alarm features a two-way, LCD pager loaded with conveniences like keyless entry, remote start, trunk release, and Valet Mode. The four auxiliary ports let you beef up the system with additional sensors, all for a price that’s a steal.

Beware that any bargain comes with some loss of benefits. In addition to a mediocre range of 1,500 feet, Avital’s lack of smartphone integration means you won’t have the convenience of GPS tracking built into your car alarm system. And unfortunately, it doesn’t work for vehicles with manual transmissions.

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