8 Ways to Help Burglar Proof Your Mail Slot Leave a comment

Mail slots create a hole in your door that goes against the grain, weakening the door’s integrity. If someone tries to take advantage of your door’s weakness and kick it down, a second deadbolt can provide support and protection from them succeeding.

If you decide to install a second deadbolt, do three things: put it in a place that isn’t within arm’s reach of the mail slot, reinforce it so burglars can’t pop it out, and choose a model that has good customer reviews.

Depending on what your door is made out of and the tools you have one hand, you might be able to install a second deadbolt yourself. You can find out how with convenient tutorials or by calling an expert.

There are a lot of deadbolts to choose from today—including locks with traditional keys to more sophisticated options with key pads. Pick a deadbolt with good consumer reviews and high safety standards.

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