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Both SimpliSafe and Abode appeal to the DIY crowd. These companies promise no-contract, flexible monitoring. But when we dug deeper into their offerings, SimpliSafe emerged as the winner for customer-friendly policies.

Case in point: there are no cancellation fees associated with SimpliSafe. Want to take a break from pro monitoring services to save a bit of money? No problem. It’s free. Abode, on the other hand, sneaks in a $35 charge on canceled plans. In other words, if you order a plan alongside your system and then return the system, there’s a $35 deduction taken from your full refund. 

SimpliSafe also goes one step further by selling its monitoring services in 30-day chunks versus calendar months. That means you can pay for monitoring only on the days when you really need it, like when you’re heading out of town for the weekend.

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