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Like every brand under the Stellantis umbrella, Alfa Romeo has until 2030 to prove it deserves to live. It’s reportedly planning a major overhaul that could bring the well-known GTV nameplate back to the range on an electric sedan.

Newly-minted company boss Jean-Philippe Imparato recently said he’s “very interested” in making a modern-day GTV, though he significantly warned nothing was set in stone yet. British magazine Autocar understands that all options remain on the table, and one of them is putting the GTV emblem on a battery-powered sedan with a coupe-like roof line. Simultaneously GT and EV, it would be the Italian firm’s answer to the BMW i4, among other sedans. It would slot at the very top of the lineup, at least in terms of price and probably in terms of performance.

If the rumor is accurate, it would mark the first time the GTV nameplate appears on a four-door in the Alfa Romeo portfolio. It’s been used on a number of models since its introduction on a gorgeous, Bertone-designed coupe in 1965, and they’ve all had two doors.

Alfa Romeo came close to dusting off the GTV nameplate on a two-door version of the Giulia which would have been aimed at the BMW 4 Series and Audi’s A5 line. While this strategy would have followed tradition (the original GTV was closely related to the original Giulia), the project was canned at an advanced stage due to a perceived lack of demand. Had it been launched, it would have offered a 50/50 weight distribution and about 600 horsepower.

Alfisti who find the idea of an electric, four-door GTV unpalatable shouldn’t worry yet. Insiders told Autocar that the nameplate might alternatively make a comeback on hybrid coupe; its fate hasn’t been decided yet. Of course, it could also not return and remain in the history book, where it’s been since the last GTV retired in 2004.

What’s seemingly certain is that new Alfa Romeo models are around the corner. One is the production version of the Tonale concept, which was reportedly delayed by Imparato earlier in 2021 due to issues with the hybrid system that will be available at launch. Replacements for the Giulia and the Stelvio are said to be in the pipeline, too. 

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