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It’s common for kids with autism or sensory issues to have trouble with clothing. Whether it’s texture, fit, or feel, a simple t-shirt or pair of pants can cause severe discomfort. AngelSense took this into account when they designed wearables for the device.

AngelSense is the only kids’ GPS we reviewed that put this kind of thought into their tracker. You can choose from one of three types of wearables to keep your kids comfortable and in view.

Magnetic pins keep the AngelSense device in place. Much like those you’d see at a department store, these pins can only unlock with a magnetic key. These fasteners keep your kids (or others) from removing the AngelSense tracker from your child’s backpack, pocket, or other clothing and accessories.

The AngelSense belt is helpful for kids who have trouble keeping shirts, pants, or other articles of clothing on. It buckles like a regular belt and fastens with a pin to secure it on your child during the day.

We also like the undershirt with a pocket in the middle of the back. This placement makes it hard for your child to tamper with the device, especially when the pouch is pinned closed.

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