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Luxury automakers continue to expand into new areas and offer new services to provide their clients custom, high-end products. Sometimes that involves fancy apartments or garages. In the case of this Bentley Continental GT buyer, they wanted their new yacht to match their nautical-themed luxury coupe. So, Bentley and yacht-builder Contest Yachts obliged.

The yacht is a 59-foot Contest 59 CS, and the Continental GT is the V8 variant. The car features a dark blue exterior and “Hotspur” red leather, “Linen” quilted leather and light-stained wood trim in the interior. The yacht features nearly the same specification with a slightly different paint color on the outside, but actual leather sourced from Bentley to trim the interior. The wood used for the bed, cabinetry and other parts of the yacht’s cabin closely match the car’s trim, too.

Bentley says this is a one-off, and indeed, you’re likely not going to see another pairing exactly like this. But we suspect that as long a client is willing to put forth the undisclosed amount of money, they would happily collaborate with Contest or another company to custom match a car and a yacht. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’d be willing to help match more things, like a private jet and a car. Just have a big enough pocketbook and the options are just about limitless.

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