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Bitdefender Total Security combats spoofing scams from identity thieves, phishing emails, fraud, and spam. It even works on social media—a great feature for mobile users. Malware like ransomware and zero-day attacks are also on this antivirus software’s radar.

This Bitdefender antivirus program also has parental controls to filter content, limit screen time, and track the location of mobile devices. And we like the webcam and microphone protection to keep your kids safe from hackers watching or listening in on them.

All the while, it updates automatically to keep your computer, phone, or tablet protected against the latest threats. 

Bitdefender also has privacy features to safeguard your information against prying eyes and brute-force attacks. Features like file encryption can protect information when you send it to others or store it on your hard drive. And the file shredder can delete sensitive data completely.

And Bitdefender Total Security offers performance tools like the OneClick Optimizer and battery-saving mode.

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