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The best portable mechanical keyboard

Keychron K3 Mechanical keyboard


There aren’t a lot of portable mechanical keyboards out there, which makes the Keychron K3 Mechanical Keyboard an extraordinary find. But, it’s also an excellent solution in its own right.

Pros: Hot-swappable switches, several switch options to choose from, RGB lighting, several beautiful RGB lighting modes, wired and wireless connectivity, slim and compact for a mechanical keyboard, macOS and Windows compatible, has multimedia keys, robust aluminum chassis, excellent bounce, great actuation, stays solidly in place

Cons: A bit pricier, bigger and thicker than other options on this list, battery life shorter with RGB lighting

Portable mechanical keyboards are uncommon, perhaps largely due to mechanical keyboards’ innate design, which makes the Keychron K3 an even more impressive product. To keep things slim, Keychron basically made the keycaps shallower, resulting in a floating design. The key switches are also slimmer, making them 40% slimmer than their traditional counterparts. That’s while keeping things spacious and comfortable to use, as well as keeping that satisfying actuation, bounce, and tactile feedback typical of mechanical keyboards intact.

Like some other mechanical keyboards, this one is hot-swappable, so you can swap out the keys and the switches effortlessly, and while it’s in use. This feature isn’t just for fun, either. If you’re not familiar with switches, different switches have different features so you can personalize it according to your preference. The red switches, for example, are quieter and require a lower actuation force. Meanwhile, the blue switches, which I prefer, are more clicky and bouncy, if a little noisier.

Out of the picks on this list, Keychron K3 might just be my personal favorite, not just because I’ve found it to be the most comfortable and satisfying to type on, but also because of its fun RGB lighting. There’s no software to completely personalize it, but there is an RGB mode button that lets you easily switch between 18 RGB modes or to turn it off completely. If you’re not an RGB fan, however, there’s also a white backlight version.

Beyond the fun stuff, it boasts attributes like ultra-low 0.2ms latency, 70 million keystroke lifespan, 12 multimedia keys, and up to 34 hours of battery life. And, together they make the Keychron K3 just as good for gaming as it is for productivity. More importantly for those looking for a portable option, it’s also amazingly light at 0.87lbs.

If you decide to opt for this one, go all out by getting its cool wooden palm rest and its stylish travel pouch to protect your wrists and the keyboard itself.

$84.00 from Keychron

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