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During our tests of the E1 Pro’s upgraded sibling, the E1 Zoom, we discovered an exceptional devotion to video quality. It focuses not only on good-looking videos but also quality-of-life features. You can optimize this camera’s video like none other by choosing different resolutions, frame rates, and bitrates—we love this kind of flexibility.

We also like that Reolink’s free cloud storage is actually practical compared to similar offerings from Wyze and YI. It applies only to a single camera, and footage sticks around for just 24 hours, but the videos don’t have onerous length restrictions. Reolink’s paid cloud plans are a great deal if you have the maximum number of allowable cameras, but not so much otherwise.

Unfortunately, the E1 Pro’s narrow 87.5º field of view keeps it lower on our list. Although the pan-tilt features help make up for the field of view, this camera doesn’t have automatic motion tracking like other cheap pan-tilt cameras. It’s also not for use outdoors.

Overall, the Reolink E1 Pro delivers a great user experience and excellent video quality. Learn more about why we think Reolink has some of the best video quality among security cameras in our Reolink cameras review.

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