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We especially liked that the unique lock style means unique keys, making them hard to duplicate. But keep in mind that if you need a duplicate key, or if you ever need to get the lock re-keyed, its uniqueness means you’ll have some hoops to jump through.

The Maxum lock is available in a variety of different finishes, and it comes with a high-security, box-style strike plate with two-inch, high tensile screws—not as long as the three-inch screws we prefer for a truly secure door, but better than the standard one-inch. Installation can be difficult, so you might want to have a locksmith on call just in case. You can order several Medeco locks for your home and have them keyed the same or differently.

Medeco locks are deadbolt only, so you’ll have to find a matching doorknob lock, but the deadbolts come in more than a dozen finishes, so you can find just the right match. Medeco is by far the priciest door lock on our list, but it’s top quality, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Since there’s just three pieces to install with a standard Phillips head screwdriver, you’ll be looking at less than 10 minutes total work time.

This lock isn’t as impervious to attacks as the Medeco, but it is pick- and bump-resistant, and at around $30, it won’t break the bank. It’s available at most local hardware stores, and it comes with a AAA rating (best of the best) from BHMA for security, durability, and finish.

The simple, curved handle design fits most décor styles, and it goes with other locksets from the Wright Products line, so you can match it to your front door.

The only drawback to this lock is that it’s tricky to install. The instructions that come with it aren’t very clear, so if you’re not mechanically minded, you might want to enlist a friend or professional to help with the job.

On the bright side, one reason mortise locks are hard to install is because they’re designed to be more complex than cylinder locks, so they’re also harder for intruders to beat.

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