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Standing at 33.5 inches tall, the Freshore best fits folks under 6 feet tall. And unfortunately, it doesn’t have adjustable legs.

But the good news is it has the widest seat of any folding cane chair we found. It’s 15.7 inches wide by 17.7 inches long, giving your tush plenty of cushion and support.

However, the comfortable seat comes with a trade-off. Because the seat is wider and supported by four legs, the cane is heavier than most. It weighs 3.4 pounds total, which might be a problem for some to use all day.

But if you have joint or muscle issues, it’s better as a temporary solution for special outdoor occasions.

The Freshore is a great addition to your picnic kit. Take it to concerts, the beach, and barbecues for a sturdy place to rest between activities.

But, because of its weight, it may be a better solution for those events where you’ll be outside all day.

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