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  • We’ve broken down the best laptop deals by price to help you find the best in your budget. 
  • Top deals include discounts on laptops from Apple, Asus, and Lenovo among others.
  • We update this list regularly to keep prices current.
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Finding the right laptop for your workflow and budget is perhaps the biggest challenge facing potential buyers. How do you pick the best laptop to fit your needs? How much should you spend? 

We’ve broken down the best laptop deals on the market by price so that you can find a great deal on any budget. We’ve also answered some of the most-asked questions when shopping for a new laptop, and included some tips to help you find the right laptop for you. 

Check out the best laptop deals below.

This 13-inch MacBook Pro was released in May 2020 with a higher-end 8th-gen Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB. It offers great performance, and is perfect for those who prefer Intel chips over Apple’s new M1 processors. It is currently available for $1099, $200 off its usual price.

This MSI laptop is Intel Evo certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to come with responsive performance, at least 9 hours of battery life, features like instant wake and fast charging, and Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. It runs on an Intel Core i7 processor, has 16GB of memory, and includes 1 TB of storage. The screen on this computer is not the brightest, but at $899.99, this is a great deal for someone looking for tons of storage for a reasonable price.”

The HP Pavilion x360 is a 14-inch 2-in1 touch screen laptop that features Intel’s newest Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and 512GB of storage. This versatile laptop is a good choice for those interested in a solid computer capable of completing every day tasks, including Zoom calls, word processing, and streaming. It is currently $749.99, a savings of $100.

The HP 15 Laptop comes with a full HD display, an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This could be a good choice for students or those who need a laptop mostly for everyday tasks. The downside of this computer is the battery life – it’s only rated for 7 hours and 15 minutes on a charge. But it does have a quick charge feature that raises the battery to 50 percent in 45 minutes. It is currently on sale for $596.50.

The Dell Inspiron 15.6-inch laptop offers a lot of interesting features at a reasonable price and is perfect for someone looking to get a lot of bang for their buck. This laptop comes with a full HD touch screen, an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 12GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive combined with a 256GB solid state drive to provide both ample storage and faster start times. This laptop is now $100 off it’s asking price and is down to $519.99.

New MacBook Pro 13

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Choosing the right laptop means making the right choice to suit your specific needs. But if your laptop suddenly quits on you, the best laptop might be the one you can afford right now. Regardless of your reason for buying a new laptop, here are a few important factors to consider in the shopping process.

Operating systems:  The operating system (OS) is the computer’s interface and software platform. The most popular operating system is Microsoft Windows 10, which is found on most computers that aren’t Chromebooks or Macbooks.

Chrome OS, on the other hand, is a minimal operating system designed by Google that works best with an internet connection. It integrates closely with Google’s suite of software, which means that Google Docs, Slides, Photos, and Gmail are all built right in. 

Chrome OS loses a lot of functionality offline, though it is possible to download files and apps from the Google Play Store for internet-free work and play. Chromebooks are usually cheaper than Windows and Mac laptops, and they’re  perfect for people who mostly use their computer for internet browsing and cloud-based applications. 

Apple’s Macbook computers run on macOS and offer tight integration with other Apple products and services. 

Specs: A computer’s hardware is often referred to as its “specs” and will determine how well the device completes various tasks. 

The processor (CPU) is responsible for the raw power of the computer, while the memory (RAM) allows the laptop to complete multiple tasks at the same time. A graphics card (GPU) allows the computer to effectively render video and 3-D graphics. 

Most laptops come with an integrated GPU, which shares the overall RAM of the system to process graphics and video. Those who are interested in gaming or intense photo or video editing might want to splurge on a computer with a dedicated GPU, which comes with its own RAM and more power.

Displays are measured in pixel density, with full HD 1080p being the standard. Many laptops offer touch screens as well as

displays, while others may offer more brightness and color accuracy. 

All of these components work together to help determine the machine’s battery life. Most laptops should get a solid eight hours of usage on a single charge, though that number can vary depending on the laptop’s components and the computer’s overall efficiency.. For example, a dedicated graphics card needs more power than an integrated one, and a 4K display uses more energy than a 1080p screen. 

Size: Laptop sizes are determined by measuring the screen diagonally. These days, most laptops come in 13-inch and 15-inch varieties, though you might be able to find a 17-inch model once in a while. Laptops with 13-inch screens are usually considered to be the most portable, but they sometimes lack the power of bigger models.

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