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GetSafe earns our pick for best value because no matter how much equipment you choose, monitoring is always $24.95.

Up-front equipment costs may be a little more out of pocket, but you’ll consistently pay a low price to have the monitoring pros on your side.

A lot of other medical alert systems roll the equipment cost into the monthly monitoring fees, which leads to monitoring costs as high as $60 a month.

GetSafe charges you for your equipment from the outset, but you won’t have to pay more than $25 per month to monitor your medical alert equipment unless you add fall detection.

You’ll appreciate that every GetSafe package includes both traditional wall buttons and voice-activated buttons. That means if you fall and you’re not near a panic button, all you need to do is shout for help and assistance will be on the way. Plus, you get a waterproof, wearable help button that gives you a direct link to help if you want a more traditional emergency response experience.

We also like that GetSafe includes the caregiver mobile app at no additional charge. But there’s no multilingual support and the up-front equipment cost can be tough for some people to afford.

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