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The Pride Go-Go Traveller provides a comfortable ride for passengers. At 8.5 miles per charge, its battery life is modest, but it can safely get you around the block and back for afternoon errands.

Its speed tops at about 4 miles per hour—about average for an electric mobility scooter this size. It’s just slightly faster than the average walking speed too, so you can ride along your friends or family walking next to you.

Compared to other mobility scooters, the Pride Go-Go Traveller has an impressive turn radius. You’ll only need 33 inches to make it around corners, which is enough for aisles in the library or grocery store, or getting around at home.

The Pride Go-Go Traveller can be transported in vehicles too. The electric scooter is 96 pounds when fully assembled, but it breaks into four lighter parts (the heaviest weighing 28 pounds). It might be too heavy to assemble on your own, but it’s quick work if you have help.

The Pride Go-Go Traveler has tiller handles that limit arm and wrist strain, so you won’t need to hold your arms out at a 90-degree angle to control the scooter.

It has a 300-pound weight capacity, but a narrow chair, so it’s not the best choice for larger passengers. We recommend leaving some room under the weight so you can carry things like groceries, purses, or bags with you.

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