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Handicare has straight stair lifts but more customizable seat options for curved staircases. Both have the option of a Smart or Perch seat. Both the Smart and Perch seats are easy to clean, water resistant, and come in six color options.

Smart seats: The Smart seats from Handicare can adjust their height and width to accommodate different riders. You can also upgrade these seats to include a power swivel for entering and exiting the chair more easily. The Smart seats tend to work better for larger riders who may want to sit down fully.

Perch seats: The Perch seats from Handicare are best for those with pain or limited mobility in their hips and knees. As the name suggests, Perch seats don’t require riders to sit down completely. The shallow seat puts riders at a higher position, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. These seats are also better for narrow staircases because the seat is so shallow.

Handicare also has additional seat styles for curved staircases. In our research, we found that these curved stairs tend to have fewer options for chairs and styles. It was good to see Handicare providing more options for those with more complex stairs. The downside is, stair lifts for curved staircases tend to be more expensive and labor intensive.

In addition to the Smart and Perch seats, the curved stair lifts from Handicare come with options for the Style or Simplicity seats.

Style seat: The Style seat comes in three different color options and optional power features. You can add an automatic folding footrest, automatic swiveling, or both to your new chair.

Simplicity seat: The name says it all. The Simplicity swivel seat doesn’t come with color or power options. It’s a budget-friendly option for those with curved stairs who don’t need as many adjustments or features.

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