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When paired with compatible smart products, you can create tons of automations with your Abode system through the CUE home automation engine. For example, it can kick on the thermostat when you unarm the system after work or keep the front light on at bedtime. Abode makes programming your entire home as easy as microwaving popcorn (which you could probably coordinate with your automations too).

The Abode system hub supports an impressive 160 sensors max, including smart speakers running Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can add Abode products like indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion detectors, and environmental sensors to your home automations too. While this system is fantastic, its backup battery leaves something to be desired. With only five hours of juice available, it could leave your home vulnerable during a power outage or other emergency.

Abode comes with a low price and few risks. It’s a powerful wireless security system for folks in smaller homes who want to explore home automation. And while its backup battery needs improvement with only a five-hour lifespan, it’s still a quality system. To learn more about Abode’s equipment, pricing, and installation process, read our full Abode review.

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