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The Blink Outdoor Camera packs a lot of useful features into a small home security camera—including a good weather-resistant rating. It can also be used inside. If you want one camera that can do double-duty, this is a great option. Best of all, it only costs about $20 more to go with the Outdoor camera over the Blink Indoor camera.

It’s powered by batteries, so it doesn’t need it to live near an outlet. This grants you the flexibility to keep an eye on what’s going on inside the house or on the back deck.

We didn’t even bother mounting the Outdoor camera. It was just so darn useful to put it on the picnic table to watch for a car to pull into the driveway, then on the porch to watch for a package, and then inside to watch the pets.

Of course, if you want a dedicated outdoor camera, mounting it somewhere permanently is ideal so it doesn’t get knocked over. Installation is easy. It just takes two screws and a few minutes to attach the Outdoor camera to its forever home.

Blink Outdoor Camera’s features:

  • 1080p image resolution: We found the video footage clear and colorful.
  • 110° field of view: The view is narrow but good enough for small yards or the porch.
  • Battery powered: We love the portability.
  • Two-way audio: Sounded great, but does pick up background noises like crickets or cars passing by.
  • Operating temperatures: It works in areas that get between -4 to 113° F.

Night vision: The black-and-white footage is pretty clear. In complete darkness, it was hard to see faces

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