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My teenage son is about to start driving, and I’m seriously considering installing the Bouncie in his car. Its GPS location tracking is much more reliable than the free GPS phone tracking apps I’ve used in the past, and it doesn’t depend on my kid remembering to keep his phone charged.

I like that the GPS refreshes every 15 seconds, compared to the MOTOsafety tracking device that refreshes every three minutes.

The trip data records give us a good opportunity to talk about safe driving habits and to discuss close calls that I might not otherwise know about. I can also get my son into the habit of paying attention to insurance, inspection, and tag renewals. Plus, I like that he’d have access to roadside assistance if needed.

Bouncie has a small month-to-month payment, so there’s no long-term commitment like the one-year, up-front payment that Vyncs requires.

If my son’s driving is up to par, then I can stop my Bouncie service without penalty and hold on to the device until my daughter is old enough to start driving. Overall, it’s a solid investment for both short-term and long-term use.

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