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A single photo of the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq testing in camouflage was posted on LinkedIn by Mahmoud Samara, Cadillac’s vice president of sales, service and marketing. It’s significant, because we haven’t seen a single photo of the actual pre-production Lyriq yet. All Cadillac has shown us so far is a concept-like version of the crossover that is destined for production.

This photo of the crossover done up in camouflage gives us the first impression of how Cadillac is transforming the Lyriq from concept car to production car. It’s moving at speed with some motion blur in the image, but we’ve lined both it and the original production-intent prototype up atop each other below for you to compare.

In a way, this photo is a lesson in how deceiving camouflage on a car can be. The undisguised Lyriq has exponentially more presence and pizzazz than the one in black and white speckled wrappings. Given just the camo car, we’d be able to discern that Cadillac is working on a large, coupe-like electric crossover, but the details would remain a mystery. The dramatic window line is totally obscured by the camo car, and so is its wild rear taillight that wraps up into the giant rear pillar. That huge rear blade/pillar is one area that could see change from the Lyriq photos we’ve seen so far, too, as it looks like a massive blind spot for the driver.

Other notable differences include regular-sized wheels and tires, a potentially higher roofline (for more practical headroom and cargo space) and actual side mirrors instead of the camera mirrors. Does it all look slightly less futuristic? Sure, but remember that the camouflage is there to disguise and trick the eye. One element that does look completely carried over is the massive screen inside. You can see the monolith stretching across the dash from far away.

It’s likely that we get a full array of spy shots from one of our usual sources soon with far more angles to look at. Samara’s announcement in his post made it clear that pre-production testing is underway at GM’s testing facilities. Cadillac has previously said that the Lyriq would officially go on sale in late 2022, so expect more disguised prototypes until then.

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