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Canoo, hopeful makers of multiple electric vehicles based on a skateboard-style platform that houses the batteries and motors, announced that its Lifestyle Vehicle will start at $34,750 before any incentives. The vehicle is basically a van that “has the interior space of a large SUV, with the exterior footprint of a compact car,” according to the company. The cost will rise from there up to a maximum starting price of $49,950 and it will be offered in Delivery, Base and Premium versions.

Canoo also plans to sell a Pickup Truck and a Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle based on the same EV platform. The company previously said the MPDV will start at $33,000, but pricing for the uniquely styled truck hasn’t yet been announced. It’s certainly worth noting that Canoo calls these prices estimates with the following footnote: “Targeted price ranges reflect current estimates and are subject to change.” The company is currently accepting pre-orders and taking a deposit of $100 for each vehicle reserved.

In other news, it seems Canoo is currently under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Chief Executive Officer Tony Aquila disclosed the probe during a conference call related to its first quarter earnings report. The investigation comes just months after Canoo merged with special purpose acquisition company Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.

According to TechCrunch, the investigation will cast a wide-ranging net into Hennessy’s operation that will cover the “initial public offering and merger with Canoo, the company’s operations, business model, revenues, revenue strategy, customer agreements, earnings and other related topics, along with the recent departures of certain of the company’s officers.”

“The SEC has also informed the Company that the investigation does not mean that it has concluded that anyone has violated the law, and does not mean that it has a negative opinion of any person, entity or security. We intend to provide the requested information and cooperate fully with the SEC investigation,” Canoo said in a regulatory filing.

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