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Stellantis executives recently canned Peugeot’s planned American comeback. Instead, they’ll take advantage of the supergroup’s roots in the United States to distribute Citroën’s smallest and cheapest car on our shores. There’s a catch: The golf cart-like Ami electric car will only be available in Washington, D.C., and you won’t be able to buy one.

Free2Move, the car-sharing service Peugeot brought under the Stellantis umbrella, announced on its official LinkedIn page that something new is coming soon to Washington, D.C. It didn’t provide the car’s name, but the preview image it posted shows a silhouette that very clearly matches the Ami’s; nothing else looks quite like it.

Reading between the lines tells us the pocket-sized Ami will join the Free2Move fleet in the nation’s capital. We don’t know how many units will be dispatched from France via Morocco, where they’re built, but we’re not expecting to see a tidal wave of two-seater EVs; odds are only a few cars will initially be sent to allow Free2Move, Stellantis, and Citroën to gather feedback from users. Details like how much it will cost to rent one are up in the air, too.

Across the pond, the Ami is available through car-sharing programs, lease deals, or Citroën dealerships. Power comes from an eight-horsepower electric motor, which doesn’t sound like much until you take into account the Ami’s 1,070-pound weight. Citroën quotes a 43-mile driving range from a 5.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, and a top speed of precisely 27.9 mph on flat ground. It was developed solely for short, urban trips at low speeds.

Additional details will emerge in the coming months. When it lands, the Ami will be the first Citroën officially brought to the United States since the firm left in 1974. It won’t be America’s first Ami, however. The two-cylinder-powered, 2CV-based Ami 6 was sold in the United States with sealed-beam headlights and bigger bumpers during the 1960s.

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