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Off the back of the news from the Telegraph today that Civil Servants will be allowed to work from home and hybrid office spaces, under new flexible working programmes due to a deal signed with Workplace Group, Zoho Corporation expert, Sridhar Iyengar comments about what this means for private and public sector industry, and why the civil service have committed to this long term shift.

“The changes to working practices seen with the Covid-19 pandemic have shown organisations that they can work efficiently and flexibly from home without the costly overheads of office spaces and time-consuming commuting for employees. These perks extend to public sector departments and civil servants, many of whom have already been working efficiently and effectively throughout the course of the UK’s national lockdowns.

“Public spending is regularly a topic of debate and speculation, and cutting down on costly office spaces and reverting to a ‘hybrid’ model of work for civil servants is a win-win scenario. Hybrid working will promise workers the best of both worlds, allowing them to socially interact in-person once or twice a week, and reap the flexibility and cost-cutting benefits of home working outside of that. This also simultaneously saves government and local council money, which could be reinvested in more pressing issues.

“Many private sector organisations have already committed to long-term remote working, and if more follow, this shift can have a wider societal impact as we see more people move out of busy, urban cities to more rural areas which will benefit economically. Plus, the reduction in commuting brings a wider environmental impact with a reduction in pollution.

“For any company to operate successfully with these new working models, it is imperative for business decision makers to equip IT teams with better long-term solutions to surging demand for their services. This includes adopting a scalable suite of SaaS and mobile applications, which are designed to enable and streamline head-to-toe hybrid working. This type of technology can be the solution that ensures organisations remain flexible and adaptable this year, and beyond.”


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