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Ford spent this morning talking a lot about its electrified future, ultimately claiming that 40% of its vehicles sold would be all-electric by 2030. That means that Ford needs to come out with lots of new EVs before then, and it’s looking like the Bronco and Explorer could be two that make the list.

Ford’s North American Product Communications Manager Mike Levine hopped on Twitter to spread the word of both. Levine tweeted a photo collage from Ford’s presentation that includes an image depicting the outline of a Bronco 4-Door riding on an electric vehicle platform. The boxy shape is rather obvious, but the rear-mounted tire makes it even more so. Levine even made reference to “rugged SUVs” in his tweet (below). That’s about as close as you can get to confirmation of an electric Bronco without Ford explicitly saying the words.

Besides the Bronco outline, Ford also included outlines for a pickup and van. Ford already announced the F-150 Lightning and E-Transit, but you can expect even more EVs coming our way in that space. Levine replied to his own tweet saying that there’s “an all-new full-size pickup truck EV architecture in development.” That sounds like a next-gen F-150 Lightning is already in the works, which comes as no real surprise.

In addition to the electric Bronco news, Levine spilled the beans on a future electric Explorer. He tweeted, “yes, we will fully electrify Explorer as you might expect, given our plan to deliver 40% of our lineup as fully electric vehicles by 2030.” Ford sells around 200,000 Explorers every year these days, so offering an electric version would be a big boost to overall EV volume. Plus, the three-row crossover market is hot right now, and nobody else is selling an equivalent model.

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