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Here’s our brief, straight-forward comparison between eufyCam 2 vs. eufyCam 2 Pro. If you have more questions about the products feel free to ask them in the comments section below. We’ll be more than happy to help you make the right choice for your home.

Without further ado let’s jump straight into the chart.

eufyCam 2 vs. eufyCam 2 Pro — Comparison Chart

eufy Cam 2 eufyCam 2 Pro
Video Quality 1080p 2K (2048 x 1080)
Improved Sony Sensor Yes Yes
Field of View 140-degree 140-degree
Two-way Audio Yes Yes
Motion Zones Yes Yes
Battery Life 365 days 365 days
Weather Rating IP67 IP67
Facial Recognition Yes Yes
Local Storage Yes Yes
Homebase Storage 16GB EMMC, USB port (future feature) 16GB EMMC, USB port (future feature)
Storage Expansion USB storage expansion* *coming soon USB storage expansion* *coming soon
Homebase Battery Backup No No
Repeater Mode Yes Yes
Spotlight LED No No
Camera Mounts Magnet and outdoor mounts Magnet and outdoor mounts
HomeKit Secure Video Yes Yes
HomeKit Yes Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Works with Google Assistant Yes Yes
Anti-Theft Alarm Yes Yes
Dimensions 4.2″ L x 2.24″ W x 2.24″ H 4.2″ L x 2.24″ W x 2.24″ H
Usage Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor

eufyCam 2 vs. eufyCam 2 Pro — Differences Explained

Differences #1: Video Resolution – One of the main differences between the eufyCam 2 and 2 Pro is the video quality. By all means, the eufyCam’s 2 1080p video resolution is pretty good, however, the Pro version offers a better quality picture with more details to catch.

Other than that, the cameras are pretty much identical.

Differences #2: Availability – As of now, the eufyCam 2 Pro is exclusively available at Best Buy and on with the price starting at $149.99 for one camera, whereas the eufyCam 2 is available from Amazon. You can also buy the eufyCam 2 directly from the manufacturer too.

Which eufyCam is Perfect For My House?

eufyCam 2 is perfect for you if…

you’re a fan of HomeKit and want to enjoy a solid quality surveillance system to capture what’s happening at your front porch when you’re not there. 

eufyCam 2 Pro is perfect for you if…

you’re a fan of HomeKit and would like to get super clear, 2k image of your front night during any day or night.

For more information about eufy cameras, check out our detailed comparisons:

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