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Here’s our brief, straight-forward comparison between eufyCam E vs. 2C. If you have more questions about the products feel free to ask them in the comments section below. We’ll be more than happy to help you make the right choice for your home.

Without further ado let’s jump straight into the chart.

eufyCam E vs. 2C — Comparison Chart

eufyCam E eufyCam 2C
Video Quality 1080p 1080p
Improved Sony Sensor No No
Field of View 140-degree 135-degree
Two-way Audio Yes Yes
Motion Zones No (only adjustable sensitivity) Yes
Battery Life 365 days 180 days
Weather Rating IP65 IP67
Facial Recognition No Yes
Local Storage Yes Yes
Homebase Storage 16GB Micro SD Card 16GB EMMC, USB port (future feature)
Storage Expansion Up to 128GB SD Card USB storage expansion* *coming soon
Homebase Battery Backup Yes No
Repeater Mode No No
Spotlight LED No Yes
Camera Mounts Magnet and outdoor mounts Outdoor mount only
HomeKit Secure Video No Yes
HomeKit No Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Anti-Theft Alarm Yes No
Dimensions 3.4″ L x 2″ W x 3.2″ H 3.2″ L x 1.89″ W x 2.24″ H

eufyCam E vs. 2C — Differences Explained

eufy cam e outside

Differences #1: Field of View – While both cameras offer 1080p video quality, they do differ in how much area they cover. The eufyCam E has a slightly wider field of you than the eufyCam 2C — 140 degrees vs 135 degrees. While a 5-degree difference might not seem big, in certain cases it might be pretty useful, like identifying a porch pirate who decides to face the camera at the very last moment.

Differences #2: Motion Zones – With motion zones, you can select certain areas for motion tracking. They’re especially useful if your camera will be facing a busy street or a big tree whose leaves will trigger false movement alerts. 

The eufyCam 2C features motion zones, whereas the eufyCam E only offers adjustable movement sensitivity, which honestly sometimes is not enough. We highly recommend to opt-in for motion zones. 

Differences #3: Battery Life – Both cameras have a pretty impressive battery life compared to their competitors. The eufyCam E can work up to 365 days on one charge, whereas the eufyCam 2C offers 180 days of work. Of course, these values depend on how much you’ll be using the cameras.

Differences #4: Weather Rating – Both cameras are perfect for outdoors, they’re constructed from cutting-edge ASA composite material that allows them to work perfectly in the most challenging of weather conditions, be it rain, super cold winters -4°F (-20°C) winters, or incredibly hot summers 122°F (50°C).

The eufyCam E is IP65 whereas the eufyCam 2C is IP67: the former (IP65) protects against water jets sprays and the latter (IP67) can be submerged in water.

Differences #5: Facial Recognition – If you want your camera to recognize humans, then the eufyCam 2C is the one to buy — because the eufyCam E doesn’t support this feature.

Differences #6: Storage – Both cameras offer 16GB of local storage with no subscription required. With 16GB you can store up to 3 months of recordings. However, the difference is that the eufyCam E offers it via an SD card, whereas the eufyCam 2C uses an embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC).

And in case you want to expand the local storage, you can just use a bigger SD card for the eufyCam E (up to 128GB) and use a USB for the eufyCam 2C. Although, USB storage expansion for the eufyCam 2C is not yet here but coming soon.

Differences #7: Spotlight LED – With a Spotlight, you can shine some light on movement at night. The spotlight will turn on automatically whenever it detects movement. It provides 12 lumens at 1m distance which is more or less enough to add some light.

Unlike the eufyCam E, the eufyCam 2C comes with a Spotlight. However, if you feel like 12 lumens is not enough, we highly recommend checking out the eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera which offers 2,500-lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights.

Differences #8: HomeKit  – Connect all your smart tech to an iOS Home App. With the eufyCam 2C, you can enjoy Siri voice control as well as support for HomeKit Secure Video.

Unfortunately, eufyCam E doesn’t support HomeKit.

Differences #9: Anti-Theft Alarm – Scare a theft with a 100-decibel siren that will wake up your neighbors, and you, of course, if you’re nearby. The eufyCam E comes with an always-active accelerometer that can easily detect whenever the eufyCam is being forcibly removed.

Unlike the eufyCam E, the eufyCam 2C doesn’t support this feature.

Which eufyCam is Perfect For My House?

eufy cam 2c weather-resistant
eufyCam E is perfect for you if…

you’re looking for a simple, yet effective solution for video monitoring and if the camera will face a quiet area with minimum minor movement that can trigger false motion notifications.

eufyCam 2C is perfect for you if…

you’re a HomeKit fan and plan to take advantage of the camera’s motion zones and spotlight.

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