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Vivint is probably the biggest home security innovator in the industry.

This company has married home automation and home security to transform our idea of what home security can do. Vivint’s modern twist on traditional home security can make your life more secure and convenient—all at once.

Vivint is unique in that you can start out with a month-to-month contract if you buy your home security equipment outright. This option is rare when it comes to full-fledged, professionally-monitored alarm systems.

But if you’d rather not fork over hundreds of dollars up front, you can finance your equipment. If you finance, you’re looking at a 42- or 60-month contract, which is much longer than the industry standard of 36 months.

And if you cancel early, you’re on the hook for 100% of the remainder of the contract.

In regard to warranties, Vivint security system equipment comes with a 120-day warranty, but if you get a a premium plan, Vivint will repair or replace faulty equipment as long as you have Vivint professional monitoring service.

But you can get repair and replacement service outside the 120-day window (or without premium service)—you just have to pay for the service call.

This is an area where Vivint struggled—especially when they first hit the scene. But the company’s response to customer feedback was swift and sustained.

Vivint has recovered significantly from its initial poor reputation to become a company that’s been awarded for its outstanding service, both in-house (how it treats its employees) and in the world.²

Vivint shines for its customized approach to installation. Not only do you get a pro who knows exactly what they’re doing, but every Vivint home security system includes a free home security assessment as well.

That means you’ll get an expert determination of your home’s security vulnerabilities along with a thorough recommendation of what security measures make the most sense. The only downsides are having to wait around for the installer and welcoming a stranger into your home.

Vivint has been acknowledged as a home security and home automation innovator by experts and trade associations.³

When you bring Vivint’s AI system (called Sky) into your home, you get a smart home system that not only follows your commands but also learns your habits and preferences automatically.

Vivint’s seamless integration of smart home tech and home security tech is like having a sentry that looks out for danger and works hard to make you as comfortable as possible.  

If you love technology and dig the idea of having the smartest home on the block, then Vivint is a standout option for home security. It’s also a good match for those who aren’t into DIY or those who have a larger home or property that needs protection.

Even though Vivint home security may seem more expensive than Frontpoint (when it comes to initial equipment), if you have a big house or a large yard, you’ll need to add on a lot of extras with Frontpoint.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be in the same neighborhood (cost-wise) or higher than Vivint. And you’ll have to set up all those components yourself. Plus, if you’re able to pay for equipment up front, you won’t be tied to a contract with Vivint.

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