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Hyundai-owned Genesis released a short video to preview a concept car that looks like a followup to the gorgeous Essentia introduced in New York in 2017. It’s an electric coupe that might reach production in the near future.

Although the teaser leaves a lot to the imagination, it clearly shows a design study that’s not merely a warmed-over Essentia. Freeze a few frames, look closely, and you’ll notice the upcoming concept wears a more realistic-looking front end with a full hood (the Essentia’s was partially transparent) and a mesh grille that falls in line with the young carmaker’s bold design language. Horizontal LED stripes embedded in the fenders create a visual link with the Essentia, but the rear end has also been redesigned with a flatter trunk lid and new-look lights. All told, it appears this concept is closer to a production model than the Essentia, which was characterized by extremely futuristic lines.

While the concept is entirely electric, Genesis did not share technical details. It estimated that the Essentia (which was also electric) needed only three seconds to reach 60 mph from a stop, and this new car can likely replicate that figure. Parent company Hyundai has invested a substantial amount of money into Croatia’s Rimac, and the two unveiled an 810-horsepower hot hatch in September 2020. Engineers could have used some of this technology (or at least leveraged the burgeoning partnership) to make a coupe with Ferrari-like acceleration.

Genesis has spent the past few years establishing a foothold in core segments of the market. As of writing, its lineup includes three sedans called G70, G80 and G90, a relatively big SUV named GV80, and a smaller crossover dubbed GV70. With these bases covered, it’s eager to add a coupe to its range, and it all but confirmed plans to release a sporty two-door model during a product presentation held in South Korea in January 2020. 

We’ll have a better idea of what’s next when the concept makes its debut online this Wednesday, March 31.

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