Hands-on with the Panasonic GH5 II: Digital Photography Review Leave a comment

The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II is an evolution of the company’s video-centric Micro Four Thirds camera, the GH5. The GH5 II isn’t radically different than its predecessor, but it does feature a few significant performance improvements and feature updates that will appeal to video shooters.

Notably, the GH5 II gets Panasonic’s updated Venus processing engine – the same one found on its S1H full-frame video model – which allows it to capture 10-bit 4K video at up to 60p, provides the autofocus improvements found on other recent Panasonic models and, according to Panasonic, improves color reproduction.

Those who were hoping for a more revolutionary Micro Four Thirds camera for video may need to wait a little longer; alongside the GH5 II, Panasonic announced the development of the GH6. That camera is expected to arrive by the end of 2021 at a significantly higher price point, suggesting that Panasonic now sees the continuation of the GH5 line as more of a value option for video shooters or as a tool for hybrid shooters who need a good solution for both stills and video.

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