Hands-on with the Sigma fp L and its new viewfinder: Digital Photography Review Leave a comment

Sigma has just announced the fp L, a high-resolution sister model to the original fp, released in 2019. With a 61MP full-frame sensor, it’s intended to be more stills-oriented than the original camera, with which it shares its design and control philosophy. That makes both of these cameras tied for the title of ‘smallest full-frame interchangeable lens camera’. At least, without the new optional electronic viewfinder, dubbed EVF-11, attached.

So, if you’re familiar with the fp, there’s not much new here, though we will take a more in-depth look at the electronic viewfinder later on. The fp L will be sold either body-only or with the EVF-11 included (at $2499 and $2999 USD respectively), and users of the original fp will soon receive a firmware update to allow them to use the new viewfinder should they choose to purchase it separately for $699 USD.

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