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Honda’s only fuel-cell vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle is going away this year. A company representative confirmed the Honda Clarity would be ending production this August.

The representative didn’t specifically say why the Clarity in all its forms is being discontinued, but sales seem likely. Only 551 were sold in all of 2020, and 805 in 2019. That was about half of Insight sales last year, and the only slower selling Honda still in production was the Acura NSX.

Honda’s representative did note that there will be enough Clarity Fuel Cell models available for lessees into 2022, and of course owners and lessees will have support for their vehicles for the foreseeable future.

The rep also emphasized that Honda is still focused on electric and fuel cell vehicles saying, “Honda has set a target to make 100% of our vehicles sales battery-electric (BEV) or fuel cell electric (FCEV) by 2040.” She further noted that Honda has an electric car coming for 2024. Honda also struck a deal with GM to develop fuel-cell systems a few years ago. So while this is the end of the road for the Clarity, it certainly isn’t the end of electrified or hydrogen Hondas.

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