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Setting up Jiobit is so easy your kid could probably do it. You just scan the QR code with your phone, click it into its charging base, and connect it to your Wi-Fi.

From there, you pick one of the four different clips it comes with and attach the Jiobit to a coat, backpack, pet collar . . . There’s really almost no limit to where you can attach this tracker. 

Jiobit can be used on animals that are five pounds or more. We picked the collar of a cat named Milo for our Jiobit. Milo likes to roam, so we figured he would be the perfect test subject for our Jiobit review. Milo was curious about the new bobble on his collar but soon forgot about it.

When it comes to tracking, Jiobit has everything we could ask for, including maps, directions to the missing tot, and customizable alerts. If you have a toddler that likes to disappear like fish-shaped cheese crackers during snack time, then you’ll love this device.

You can customize when you get alerts depending on how far the device is from your phone. You can also customize how far the Jiobit can travel outside of the trusted area, from 100 to 800 feet, with its Geofence feature. If you like, you can get notifications when your child or pet arrives at trusted locations that you designate too.

The blue line on the dashboard of the Jiobit app gives you a visual indication of how far away the Jiobit is from your phone. When the line turns red, that means that the Jiobit, and your little one, have moved too far away. You can also see the location of the tracked tot on the dashboard map.

After tracking Milo, we found that he stays close to home most of the time. A quick trip to visit his buddy in the neighbor’s yard was about as far as he traveled outside his acre-sized yard.

If your sneaky kiddo likes to hide around the house or under clothing racks at the store, Jiobit can make an irritating buzzing noise. Just go into the app and tap the Ring Jiobit option. Think of it as a super stressful game of Marco Polo. Either you’ll find the crafty kiddo by tracking the sound, or your kid will run to you begging for the alarm to be turned off. Either way, the missing child is found.

Milo didn’t necessarily hate the alarm, but he couldn’t figure out where the sound came from. The alarm made it easier to figure out if he hid under the bed or behind the dresser. Very helpful.

Still can’t find them? Tap the Directions option on the Jiobit app dashboard, and it will tell you exactly how many feet you are from your child or pet, along with a street address and how long it will take you to reach them.

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