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Lamborghini sees its rear-wheel-drive Huracán Evo as a masterpiece. German tuner Novitec views it as a blank canvas. It announced a panoply of interior, exterior and chassis parts developed specifically for the model.

Novitec isn’t intimidated by the Raging Bull’s tail-wagging rear-wheel-drive coupe. It has tuned a long list of exotic cars, including the McLaren Senna and Ferrari’s limited-edition SP1 and SP2 models. Its updates normally tilt toward the subtle side of the scale (we suggest calling Mansory if you’re after pure extravagance), and its Huracán is no exception. It looks tamer than the factory-built, race car-inspired STO model introduced in November 2020.

Carbon fiber add-ons give the coupe a more muscular look, and Novitec claims they also improve the aerodynamic profile. Side skirts lower the Huracán’s ground clearance while channeling more cooling air to the rear brakes, for example. Out back, a redesigned wing increases puts more downforce on the rear axle than the factory unit.

Not all of the updates are cosmetic. Novitec offers a set of lowering sport springs developed specifically for the rear-wheel-drive variant of the Huracán (whose front end is lighter than the all-wheel-drive model’s). Alternatively, it joined forces with KW to design an aluminum coilover suspension system built with racing technology. Users who choose this option can dial in one of 13 compression and rebound profiles in the low- and high-speed ranges.

Novitec did not modify the Huracán‘s naturally-aspirated, 5.2-liter V10 engine, which makes 610 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque. However, its catalog of parts includes a high-performance exhaust system available in stainless steel or in Inconel, a lighter material often found in Formula One cars. Both can be plated in .999 gold for better heat dissipation. Different exhaust tips (including some made with carbon) are on the menu, too.

Emblems, wheel spacers, and what Novitec calls a virtually unlimited range of upholstery colors and materials round out the list of personalization options available. Pricing largely depends on the scope of the modifications requested.

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