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Three years ago, Lego took its model-building abilities to a new level with a life-size Bugatti Chiron model made entirely of Technic building pieces. Now the company has built another life-size supercar, this time, the Lamborghini Sían. This one went together faster and with fewer pieces, though the end result is just as impressive (and oddly, heavier).

The total number of pieces used in this model was more than 400,000. And at the approximate price of 10 cents per piece, replicating the model would require around $40,000. Of course, you would need to obtain the 20 unique pieces designed specifically for this build. The other 134 piece designs are normal production Technic components. Alternatively, you could pick up the 1:8-scale kit Lego sells.

It took a team of 15 people 8,660 hours to design and build the Lamborghini model. Of those, 3,290 were spent on the actual assembly. The final product weighs in at a whopping 4,850 pounds, or close to 1,000 pounds more than the real car. Lego also brought the model to Lamborghini to have the company give it a coat of paint. It’s almost more impressive than the real thing. Almost.

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