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Mercedes-Benz, although commonly thought of as a luxury-car brand, in actuality has a sprawling lineup that includes commercial vehicles like the Sprinter and the Metris (the European V-Class). To that group, the German automaker soon will add one more: the T-Class, a compact model that Mercedes characterizes as a “city van.”

One clue that the T-Class is not aimed at plumbers and electricians who might otherwise be shopping a Nissan NV200 or a Ram ProMaster City is that the new van is being introduced by skateboarder Tony Hawk. In fact, Mercedes says the vehicle is aimed not at commercial buyers but is designed for “families and leisure active private customers.”

The T-Class will be previewed by a concept, the EQT, which as the “EQ” in its name implies, is an electric vehicle. The new small van will be available as an EV, just as the larger V-Class is available in Europe as the EQV. The EQT is set to debut on May 10 and promises “a clear glimpse” of the upcoming production model. 

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