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Nest Protect is sleek and attractive, which is something I never imagined I’d say about a smoke alarm. Its bright white color is clean and fresh, and it adds to your home’s aesthetic in a way traditional smoke detectors never could. It is a bit larger than your average smoke alarm, so that’s something to keep in mind when planning where to install it.

I’ve always considered smoke alarms a necessary evil from a home decor perspective. But Nest Protect is changing my mind. Because the design is modern and sleek, I was actually excited to install it. And I have to admit I felt a little twinge of pride that my ceiling got to be home to this cutting-edge device.

Light is another way the Nest Protect communicates. The light ring changes color to let you know at a glance what’s happening. When you turn out the lights you get a green glow (the “Nightly Promise”) that indicates everything is working and you won’t have to worry about late-night chirps due to low batteries.

The light also works as a motion-sensitive night-light, emitting a soft, white glow if you have a midnight craving for something sweet. Yellow is the Nest’s Heads-Up warning, and it shows up for minor things like burned toast. When the light turns red, it means your burned toast has now set your toaster on fire and indicates more immediate danger. It precedes the traditional siren.

I give Nest Protect five stars for design. From the packaging to the final product, it’s hard to find a flaw in this smart gadget’s design. This is one instance where I don’t have any suggestions to make the Nest Protect better.

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