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  • A consortium of news organizations reviewed Facebook documents leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen.
  • On Monday the organizations published a flurry of reports based on those documents, known as the Facebook Papers.
  • The topics range from Facebook’s fading popularity with teens to failures in addressing hate speech.

A consortium of 17 US news organisations on Monday said they had reviewed leaked internal documents obtained by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Their reports spanned a wide range of issues at the company, including its fading popularity with teens, its ability to counter hate speech, and its treatment of politicians. 

Some of the internal documents reviewed by the news organisations were previously reported on by The Wall Street Journal.

Here are some of the stories that dropped on Monday revealing new information about Facebook:

  • Bloomberg and The Verge reported on internal company documents appearing to show that showed Facebook has been losing traction with teen users and desperately trying to recapture the market.
  • The Financial Times reported that Facebook employees urged management not to make moderation exceptions for politicians and celebrities.
  • The New York Times reported on internal documents appearing to show how the company grappled with whether to keep or get rid of the “like” and “share” buttons.
  • The Washington Post spoke to three sources who said Mark Zuckerberg personally signed off on censorship demands from the Vietnamese government.
  • Politico reported on Facebook documents appearing to show the company’s research on its market dominance.
  • The Associated Press reported on Facebook documents appearing to show how its lack of language-specific moderation stops it properly addressing moderation issues, including terrorism and hate speech.
  • NBC reported on internal employee debates and apparent disillusionment over whether the company did enough to counter hate speech and misinformation.

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