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In a short video posted to its website, ON1 has teased a new feature coming to the next update to Photo RAW 2021, customizable keyboard shortcuts.

In the minute-and-a-half video, Dan Harlacher from ON1 shows how you will be able to customize your own keyboard shortcuts and hot keys using the new ‘Edit Keyboard Shortcut’ dialog box coming to Photo RAW 2021 version 2021.5. As Harlacher explains in the video, setting specific keys or key combinations to perform a specific action is as simple as searching for the action you want a hotkey for, tapping it, and pressing the custom keys combination you want to assign that function to.

Finding a specific function is as simple as searching in the provided search bar. Click to enlarge.

In addition to providing keyboard shortcuts, this functionality will also add the option to make more robust profiles and custom editing solutions for third-party editing tools, such as Loupedeck’s editing consoles, Elgato’s StreamDeck units and even Monogram’s Creative Console.

No definitive timeframe is given for when we can expect ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5 to drop, but whenever it does, it’ll have this new feature, and inevitably more, in tow. You can find out more about Photo RAW 2021 via ON1’s website.

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