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What parent doesn’t worry about how much time their kiddo spends on their devices? OurPact makes it easy to schedule screen time. You can plan out exactly when your child can access the fun stuff on their phone, like movies, social media, and games. 

We set up a bedtime routine for our child’s device. At bedtime each night, all of the apps became inaccessible. You could still make phone calls, but that was it.

Does your kiddo like to listen to soothing music while drifting off to sleep? No problem. You can make certain apps accessible on your child’s device even when screen time is over. We especially like this option for kids that are insatiable readers and need their Kindle app available 24/7.

We love that you can turn off the schedule with the toggle of a switch, just in case you decide to let your little one stay up past bedtime or get a nibblet of more screen time as a treat. When the special time is over, just toggle the schedule back on. No need to start from scratch.

Sometimes kids are sneaky. They say they’re watching SpongeBob on YouTube, but are they really? If you want to take a peek, OurPact has a feature that will take a screenshot of what your child is looking at on their phone. You can see it, and all of your other screenshots, on the parental dashboard. The app will send you screenshots regularly, if you choose, or you can take a look whenever you want.

If you choose to have screenshots taken on a regular basis, you can easily search through them for potentially harmful things instead of sifting through each one. OurPact automatically searches for violence, sexual content, profanity, violence, and substance abuse and then labels the screenshots.

You can also set up other things to screen for in the screenshots, like a particular person’s name. This could help track if your child’s bully is contacting them on social media.

We weren’t impressed with OurPact’s customer service. While they have a robust, easy-to-navigate support page, you can only contact customer service by email. Users have reported that the email service is less than helpful.

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