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Developed by Prysm Software AppControl is an open and scalable access control management software able to manage multiple and diverse systems in one interface

Access control is an essential asset in a global security installation. However, we may legitimately raise the following questions.

What is happening when multiple proprietary access control systems are deployed in one installation? How to manage this in a simple way? How can operator’s tasks be facilitated when it comes to managing complex access profiles? What about avoiding one time

replacement of existing systems and enabling step by step investments over multiple years? How can I easily create interactions with other technologies? How can I overcome existing software limitations on the number of doors and users?

Our access control software AppControl is THE solution to help end-users to overcome all these issues. Indeed, AppControl is a multi-system, multi-site, multi-user access control software that enables heterogeneous access control equipment from different manufacturers to be federated and controlled from a single interface.

It is very simple to create interactions and interoperability between the access control systems supervised by AppControl and other technologies integrated in AppVision: video, intrusion, fire, intercoms and building management systems.

AppControl integrates all the standard features of an access control software. Users have access to a complete management of rights including profile and timetable management. It provides visitor management features, events and alarm management and has the capacity to edit history and reports. AppControl™ also manages anti-passback and blacklist management, counting and tracking features. Of course, it gives the possibility to create, customise and print badges.

However, some specific assets make AppControl stand out in the access control market. Given that it is an entirely software-based solution, AppControl is independent from hardware manufacturers. Furthermore, it has no limitation in terms of users, profiles, and timetables. Additional drivers and features can be developed autonomously by partners using our SDK. Its interface is 100% customisable. AppControl is so customisable that any partner can develop and market its own OEM version at no extra cost.

Already implemented in more than a thousand projects, AppControl is efficient in all vertical markets. We have a lot of case studies in institutional buildings to manage multi-brand installations, in logistics to manage trucks queuing, in smart cities to manage restricted access to city centres for buses, in laboratories to dynamically manage employee access according to the viruses they have worked with. AppControl can also easily manage parking and gates as well as plate recognition.

Thanks to its intuitive configuration tool, AppControl deployment and configuration can be performed by a very large number of people, not only by a circle of insiders. And most importantly, in total independence from Prysm Software.

For all these reasons, AppControl is a real game changer in the access control business. Whatever the size or complexity of the project, whatever the vertical market you are addressing, AppControl enhances your access control system and generates a high level of return on investment.


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