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I have four kids. Once my two teens got involved in after-school activities, I bit the bullet and bought them phones to keep up with them.

But along with those phones came the necessary evils of text messages, access to mindless games,YouTube, and the never-ending pleas for social media accounts. Needless to say, I’m anxious about opening a similar can of worms for my younger two.

The Relay is a cell phone alternative that both parents and kids can appreciate.

It uses a combination of cellular networks and Wi-Fi calling, so it works everywhere, just like a cell phone. No internet access means it’s safer than a phone, and the Relay is simple enough that even my 6-year-old can use it.

There’s also no fragile screen, so it’s practical for active younger kids.

Still, with all the simplicity of the Relay, our testing showed that it’s vulnerable to connectivity issues and the occasional technical hiccup. The GPS isn’t perfect, and accessing its fun features can be challenging at times.

Still, if I had to choose between a smartphone and the Relay for my kids, the Relay would win hands down.

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