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The Ring security system has everything you need right in the box. The packaging is slick, and it’s easy to find all the sensors, instructions, and cables you need. Ring provides directions from the app and printed materials in the box—you just need to follow along.

Installation starts with your base hub, or the “brain” that ties the system together.

You’ll want to have your Wi-Fi password handy because there’s no “cancel” option if you enter it in wrong and this can add time to the process.

Once your base station has a connection, the rest of the setup is simple. You’ll need a four-digit entry code for the keypad and a place to put your sensors, but these devices take just moments to install.

If you’re getting a Ring system secondhand or giving yours away, you’ll need to restore its factory settings. This process takes a while because you have to manually reset each device. Plan on a few minutes for each.

When we tested Ring’s system, we found that the base station was easy to set up, but we had some difficulties with the keypad.

Arming or disarming was confusing, and it was hard to tell if we’d successfully changed the system’s status until the alarm sounded (the neighbors loved that).

Eventually, we used the Ring app instead of the keypad and it went much smoother. So while a keypad is helpful when you have an armful of groceries, the app is much easier to understand.

During testing, we encountered issues with the contact sensor. If your door and window frames have molding, you might have trouble too. The doorframe was too high for the sensors to match, so the system showed that the door was open.

Thankfully, we found help through Ring’s guide to different door and window trims.

In addition to traditional home security tech, Ring has a suite of advanced indoor and outdoor cameras, environmental sensors, and more. We tested only the starter kit, but these other accessories are easy to add to your home system and play well with others.

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