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Been wondering about the Rivian R1T’s functionality and size? Wonder no more, as the startup automaker just dumped a mountain of information and specs on the R1T’s dimensions and usefulness. 

We’ll start by running through the three storage compartments: the bed, gear tunnel, and its front trunk. 

Length-wise, the R1T is 217.1 inches long, putting it square in the range of other trucks we consider to be “mid-size.” The bed is 54 inches long, which is exactly four-and-a-half feet. That’s on the short side of the spectrum compared to other mid-size pickups. In fact, it’s only barely longer than the tiny Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bed. That could be an issue for folks needing a full five-foot or six-foot bed, but Rivian makes this compromise to keep the rear overhang small, making the truck better off-road and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. The space between the rear arches measures 50 inches in width, and if you’re able to pack things with the tailgate laid flat, there’s a load-bearing panel that eliminates the gap between the tailgate and truck to make a flat surface. Rivian says its bed is made of compression-molded structural composite to resist corrosion. 

You can open the tailgate via the key fob, button on the bed rail, using in-vehicle controls or through the Rivian app. Once in there, you’ll find two LED lights to illuminate the bed in the dark, forged steel tie-downs in each corner, four additional tie-downs on the bed rails (which can be used for cargo crossbars) and two 15-amp 110-volt outlets. There’s also an in-bed air compressor that can fill just about anything you want, including the truck’s tires. 

Similar to the Honda Ridgeline, the R1T has an underbed storage compartment. However, it’ll typically hold your full-size spare tire and is weather-proof, dust-proof and can double as a cooler/storage compartment (it’s equipped with a drain plug) if you remove the wheel and tire. Your other covered storage options include a couple factory tonneau covers — one is powered, the other manual. You can control the powered cover via in-vehicle buttons or the Rivian app.

Moving to the truck’s front trunk, Rivian says you’ll find 11 cubic-feet of storage in there. It’s shaped to allow storage of two large coolers. There’s a cargo net available to organize loose items, and a removable compartment on the floor of it makes a spot for the truck’s portable charger. You can open it via the key, an exterior button under the light bar, via in-vehicle controls or (once again) the app. A 12-volt outlet is available in the compartment in case you need to power something in there, too.

You’ll find the gear tunnel storage compartment in the middle. It’s limited in scope, but will fit extra long and skinny items with ease, measuring 65 inches in total length. There’s LED lighting within the compartment, and you’ll also find both a 12-volt and 110-volt outlet. In case you wanted to do some home measuring to know if your use case works, you should also know that it’s 18.1 inches in width and 20.3 inches in height.

The last bit of information Rivian dropped concerns the trailer hitch. Like some others today, Rivian designed it as a “hidden hitch” with a panel that requires removal to gain access to it. Rivian says it did this for aerodynamic reasons — two screws later, and you’ll be looking at the receiver. Towing maxes out at 11,000 pounds.

Additional deep dives like this one are reportedly on the way for other areas of the R1T and R1S, so watch out for more juicy details in the coming months as Rivian prepares for production.

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