Sandy Munro shows us why the Mustang Mach-E is not your grandpa’s Ford Leave a comment

YouTuber and engineer Sandy Munro has gotten his hands on a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E electric crossover for a series of explainer and deep-dive videos, including this walk-around of its underbody and suspension engineering. Spoiler alert: He likes it.

“Hey, boys and girls. Guess what? This doesn’t look like a Ford,” Munro says before taking us on a tour of the Mach-E’s underbody. He touches on all four suspension corners, the brakes, the crash engineering and just about everything else he found of note underneath Ford’s new all-electric SUV, and it’s safe to say that he likes what he sees, comparing some of the methodology to that of premium European brands. 

“This has got the kind of stuff I thought I was going to see in the VW,” Munro says, referring to the Volkswagen ID.4 he had on the lift earlier in April, which did not impress him nearly as much. 

Munro is an automotive engineer who formerly worked at both GM and Ford before starting a consulting operation. He specialized in engine assembly, and is quite familiar with powertrain and chassis engineering and production methods. In addition to his consulting, he runs a YouTube channel where he performs walk-arounds and tear-downs on new cars, with a recent focus on electric cars such as the Mach-E, VW ID.4 and various Teslas

Munro says he expects to purchase a Mach-E (perhaps this one) for a full tear-down treatment, which should give us insights into the battery construction and other elements that are not readily accessed. 

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