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It may not be quite as convenient as receiving deliveries at your front door, but one sure way to guarantee safety is to have packages held at the post office or delivery service store until you can pick them up yourself.

Both FedEx and UPS provide options for you to have packages held at a local location rather than dropped off at your home. Another way to ensure secure delivery is to require a signature upon receipt. That way, if you’re not home to accept the delivery, your packages won’t be left unattended.

Another way to prevent package theft is to sign up for package delivery tracking. Most delivery companies—including Amazon—let you track your package from the warehouse right up to your porch.

I get alerts from Amazon, USPS, and UPS that tell me when my delivery is within five or fewer stops of my house. That way I can either make sure I’m home when the package is delivered, or ask a friend or neighbor to grab it for me.

Tracking your deliveries is a great way to make sure your packages land in your hands—not those of a porch pirate.

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