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Published Mar 23, 2021

dpreview staff

Sony has introduced a set of compact full-frame E-mount prime lenses: the 24mm F2.8 G, 40mm F2.5 G and 50mm F2.5 G. All three lenses are the same size, almost the same weight, and the same price ($599).

The lenses all measure 64 x 45mm (2.5 x 1.8 in.) and weigh between 162-174 grams (5.7-6.1 ounces). They all use aspherical elements to maintain high resolution and reduce various aberrations, while the 24mm and 50mm lenses additionally use ED (extra-low dispersion) glass to reduce chromatic aberrations and fringing. The focus groups are driven by dual linear motors for silent and nearly instantaneous autofocus in our initial impressions.

Minimum focus distances range from 0.18m (7.1″) for the 24mm to 0.31m (12.2″) for the 50mm, but increase slightly when using autofocus. The 40mm and 50mm primes have higher magnification ratios at 0.23x and 0.21x, respectively, while the 24mm maxes out at 0.19x.

Design-wise, each lens has a physical aperture ring, which can be clicked or de-clicked, a linear-response manual focus ring, an AF/MF switch, and a customizable focus hold button. The filter diameter for all three is 49mm. Sony claims that these metal-clad (aluminum) lenses are weather and dust-resistant, and each lens comes with a rubber gasket seal around the lens mount. Accompanying lens hoods are included, with the 40mm and 50mm hoods containing their own 49mm front threads for attachment of filters.

The Sony FE 24mm F2.8, 40mm F2.5 and 50mm F2.5 trio will be available in mid-to-late May for $599 each.

Sony 24mm F2.8 / 40mm F2.5 / 50mm F2.5 specifications

  Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G Sony FE 40mm F2.5 G Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G
Principal specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size 35mm FF
Focal length 24 mm 40 mm 50 mm
Image stabilization No
Lens mount Sony FE
Maximum aperture F2.8 F2.5
Minimum aperture F22
Aperture ring Yes
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Elements 8 9
Groups 7 9
Special elements / coatings 1 ED + 3 aspherical elements 3 aspherical elements 1 ED and 2 aspherical elements
Minimum focus 0.18 m (7.09) 0.25 m (9.84) 0.31 m (12.2)
Maximum magnification 0.19× 0.23× 0.21×
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Linear Motor
Full time manual Yes
Focus method Internal
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 162 g (0.36 lb) 173 g (0.38 lb) 174 g (0.38 lb)
Diameter 68 mm (2.68)
Length 45 mm (1.77)
Materials Aluminum alloy
Sealing Yes
Filter thread 49 mm
Hood supplied Yes

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