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We’ve only ever seen one production SSC Tuatara in photos, but SSC is announcing two additional variants of the Tuatara today to make a total of three versions you can buy. The new models are named the Tuatara Striker and the Tuatara Aggressor, the latter being a track-only build that won’t be legal on any streets.

Starting with the Striker, this Tuatara is still fully streetable, but is essentially a high downforce version of the standard Tuatara. It adds a new fixed wing to the rear and an active rear wing. There’s a new diffuser in the back, too. Up front, SSC adds a bigger splitter and integrated dive planes. Then on the side, you get new vaned side rockers. All of the above results in three times as much downforce as the standard Tuatara at 160 mph, which comes out to 1,100 pounds. Of course, the standard Tuatara is designed for high speed runs, so it’s not unexpected that a track build could produce this much additional downforce.

You still get the same 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 that makes 1,750 horsepower (when run on E85), and it’s shifted via a 7-speed transmission. The interior is modified for the Striker with an exposed carbon fiber dash, and there is an extensive list of Alcantara options to choose from when building your vehicle.

As for the Aggressor (no photos available), this Tuatara makes no attempt at being road legal. Engine output is optionally raised to a ridiculous 2,200 horsepower. You can change your exhaust system to be as loud or quiet as you want, and you might want to take into consideration noise restrictions at the tracks you plan to go to before asking for an especially loud exhaust.

SSC doesn’t go into detail about it, but suggests that customers will have “nearly limitless performance, appearance, and experience options not possible in the street legal versions of the Tuatara.” It sounds like you can mostly do as you please, but SSC isn’t providing any examples yet. 

What we do know is that the Aggressor will feature a carbon dash, roll structure and five-point race harnesses with custom race seats. There will also only be 10 total made. The Striker will be much easier to attain, as that car is limited to 100 units. Pricing wasn’t made available, but it’ll be contingent on how you spec each car. The standard Tuatara starts at about $1.6 million, so expect it to only go up from there.

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