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In what’s becoming a regular practice, Tesla has raised the prices of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV. The higher tariffs appeared on the automaker’s website this morning, and are just the latest in a series of increases.

The current round sees the prices of several variants go up by $500. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which is the entry-level Tesla, now stickers for $39,490 plus $1,200 a destination fee for a total of $40,690. The Model 3 Long Range AWD is now $49,690 (including destination). The top-spec Model 3 Performance did not see an increase, and — for the moment — remains at $58,190.

Tesla also took the price of the Model Y Long Range AWD up by $500. It now starts at $52,690 with destination. The Model Y Performance is unchanged at $62,190. (There is no Model Y Standard Range.)

Both of Tesla’s volume models have seen a series of price increases in just the past few weeks, as noted by Electrek. The previous uptick in late April again affected base Model 3 Standard Range Plus and the Model 3 Long Range AWD. Like today’s increases, those were $500 each. Again, the Model 3 Performance was spared. That late-April price change also affected the Model Y, with the Long Range AWD up by $500 but the Model Y Performance unchanged. In the case of both cars, that was the second price increase in April.

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