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One of our favorite budget-friendly cameras is now available with a full security system for under $100. The Wyze Sense Starter Kit is affordable, self-monitored, and self-installed, making it perfect for renters and apartment dwellers.

  • The Starter Kit comes with:
  • Wyze cam
  • Two contact sensors
  • Motion sensor
  • Wi-Fi Bridge

The Wyze cam sends a high definition live stream video directly to your smartphone. Through the app, users can watch this feed and speak to anyone on the other side (like the kids when they get home from school).

The contact sensors work with doors and windows, letting you know when anyone uses an entrance. But you can place them on other surfaces like cabinets.

The motion sensor catches movements wherever it sits and sends alerts to the mobile app. And finally, the Wi-Fi bridge extends your network’s reach, allowing you to add more Wyze products.

Check out our review of the Wyze Cam Pan to scope out one of Wyze’s cameras.

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