The Best Baby Carriers for Hiking in 2021 Leave a comment

Loaded with extras, the Phil&Teds Escape offers comfort, safety, and perks. Suitable for children ages three months to three years.

The Escape comes standard with a sleeping hood, changing pad, removable daypack, rain shield, mirror, and foot stirrups. And baby is all set for a trailside nap thanks to the moldable headrest and shoulder cradle that offer snug support to developing neck muscles.

You can safely load and unload baby in this secure backpack that features two carry handles and a pop-in and pop-out stand that makes it easy to safely set the pack down—even with one hand.

But note that all that stability, plus extras, equals a pack that’s fairly heavy even before you strap your little one in.

This backpack comes with a generous hydration pouch, but despite so many other included extras, the water bladder has to be purchased on its own.

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