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Abode impressed us with its smart approach to DIY home security in the US, so we were excited to see it launch in the UK. We appreciate its options to self-monitor or have the pros take over as well as its smart home integrations.

Abode is all about DIY security. You pick the starter kit that’s right for you, add accessories to fit your dwelling, install equipment, and choose whether or not you want a professional to look after your system.

Its Smart Security Starter Kit costs less than £300 and includes the basics for a small flat. You can add sensors, cameras, and other safety and security equipment to cover additional entries or alert you to hazards like fire or flooding. The company says it has the Iota coming soon—we prefer this option because the Iota Gateway combines several devices into one, including a camera.

About cameras: Abode’s camera options are limited, but Abode allows you to integrate with a dizzying number of smart devices and most of the major smart assistants like Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Abode has also eliminated contracts for monitoring, which you can pay for month-to-month or annually to receive a discount. If you get professional monitoring in January but change your mind in February, you can cancel your subscription. Just note that if you’ve paid for a year of monitoring, you won’t get a refund—best to try it out for a month or two first before committing to the year if you’re unsure.

Read more about Abode in our US review.

We recommend professional monitoring for most people because it reduces false alarms and means someone will always respond to a trigger event. The Monitored Intermediate plan gives you the option to add a camera with a live feed to your system (great for confirming if someone is up to no good or if a teenager just set off the alarm). It also enables geofencing and checking in on your system from the mobile app.

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